Our Erlicht team is honored to share our largest bespoke decorative luminaire ever crafted. Louis Vuitton’s new boutique in Shanghai is displaying a unique piece of art, composed of 700 glass tubes shaped after the Maison’s famous emblem.
The colorful lighting at the edges of each tube is made possible thanks to our tiny LED bolts and the best electrical strategy. The tubes have been crafted at different lengths to emphasize the uniqueness of the bespoke luminous wall.  

Completion: December 2022
Architects:  In-house Louis Vuitton Architecture Department, eightsixthree architecture interiors
Project Management: Baseline Lighting Design Studio
Location:  Shanghai, China


Kin has allowed us to bring outstanding Luminaries to the environment of the restaurant. Allowing the restaurant to share its experience with the chandelier and pendant. Erlicht helped with the lighting planning for the project to help Kin's growth.

Starting time of project: October 2021
Completion: March 2022
Contractor: S&Techs
Project Management: Colliers
Location:  Quarry Bay, Hong Kong


The lighting in The Peninsula brings the old-world chandelier style back to life. Allowing people to make the hotel feel like a lifetime. The interior lighting designers bring the handcraft Chandelier. This hospitality lighting was perfect for the Peninsula. Erlicht was very proud on be able to help out during this project. Making the customer experience stand out from other hotels.


Zuma in Ibiza, Spain is an amazing place to show off our new Senza lamp. Lighting up the night-time dinner with the most beautiful scene of Ibiza. Decorating lighting for the Senza lamp brings out the customer experience.